Birding Despite Disability

Obsessions Don't Care About Limitations

March Virtual Accessible Birding Outing

Today I did my first event with Birdability and Georgia Audubon: a virtual birding tour of Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington, MN. We did a live Zoom event with four of us around the country, highlighting birding and accessibility.

Link here.

I was really hoping to do a live digiscoping of the winter resident Northern Shrike that I sometimes see in the park, but it did not cooperate today. Well, it did make an appearance, exactly one minute (!) after the Zoom call ended.

In case you were watching the event…. here it is:

Medium sized gray bird with black mask perched on leafless branches, against a blue sky.
This Northern Shrike did not get the memo about when to appear for the Zoom call today.

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