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A Very Useful Bird Locator

A North Carolina birder and programmer, Michael Fogleman, has created a slick tool that utilizes eBird data in a novel way. It is located at

You simply need to enter a location (you can even use zip code), a radius, and a month, and then the program will query eBird data and build a sortable list of species in the area. By default it comes up in order of frequency (most likely species at the top), but it can also be sorted alphabetically.

The tabulated results also show you the bird’s likelihood for the previous month, and allows you to see if the bird is perhaps coming or going, due to migrational movement. Small monthly bar charts with frequency are also displayed.

Even better is what happens when you click on a species name: it will take you to a new page that has a ranked list of sites in the area, based on likelihood of finding that particular bird there. You can easily bring up a Google Map pinpointing these sites, or the eBird distributuon map for the species, or even a gallery of images. Trying to do such an analysis “by hand” on eBird will be far more time-consumming.

And it works for anywhere in the world.

Thank you Michael for creating and sharing such a novel program.

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