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Vanity, thy Name is Eponym

The first time my (soon-to-be) wife Claire ever mentioned birding, we’d been dating for a week. She didn’t know that I’d recently become obsessed with birds (I was working in my physics PhD at the time) and I had no idea she was a birder (she was studying pronghorn). So when she mentioned one evening […]

Back To Peru

This was our Return To Peru Trip: to finish an adventure that the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown had wiped out. In March of 2020, we flew to Peru with the intention of doing a long, two-part birding tour: the first half based out of Iquitos, in the Amazon region, and the second starting in Tarapoto […]

Recording What You Don’t Hear

My eyes are terrible, and I rely on ear-birding to make up for it. I’ve always thought of my hearing as being good, other than having some obnoxious tinnitus resulting from decades of loud music. But today I got a clear demonstration that my ears are not what I thought they were. I’d walked over […]