Stuck in Peru – Day 23

A good friend of mine, trying to help us keep our sanity during this little adventure, suggested I read about the [James] Stockdale Paradox. From Wikipedia: The Stockdale Paradox In a business book by James C. Collins called Good to Great, Collins writes about a conversation he had with Stockdale regarding his coping strategy during his period in… Continue reading Stuck in Peru – Day 23

Stuck in Peru – Day 21

Every day I think it cannot get any weirder here, but it does. Yesterday a new rule was handed down: Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra recently announced additional quarantine measures, including a gender-based limitation on visits to grocery stores and banks, and other routine business. Men will be allowed to leave their homes only on Monday,… Continue reading Stuck in Peru – Day 21

Stuck in Peru – Day 20

No photos today.... cannot upload them. A group of 40 Europeans arrived yesterday from off the Amazon and have joined us here in this small hotel. Our bandwidth is getting attenuated. Email from the State Department today! Emphasis mine... Event:  IMPORTANT: The last repatriation flight from Cusco is tomorrow, April 3.  We expect the last regularly scheduled charter… Continue reading Stuck in Peru – Day 20