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Media Day

Lately I’ve been thinking about doing a bird outing where every species that I tick – whether I see it or hear it, or both – must have accompanying media capturing it. Photos, audio WAV files, or both. Perhaps video if the opportunity for a decent recording presents itself. Doing this won’t add too much […]

Downy on the Down-low

Our backyard is typically very active with birds, especially juncos this time of year. There are plenty of feeders and spilled seed to keep everyone happy. Mid-morning today, Claire excitedly called out “Hawk in the back! Hawk in the back!” A Sharp-hinned Hawk had perched right above our suet feeder and was inspecting the grounds. […]

World Series Birding

Well, this is well outside of my normal comfort zone, but I will be heading to New Jersey in May to participate in the World Series of Birding. For almost 40 years, the WSB has raised money via the participation of teams of five or six birders, competing in various categories as they try to […]