Arizona & California April/May 2020

One might think that after our Peruvian debacle, we'd have zero interest in travel for birding. One would be wrong. We have all kinds of interest, since flights are so crazy cheap right now. This was the perfect opportunity to go mop-up in the southwest USA and nail some recalcitrant North American lifers. With sixteen… Continue reading Arizona & California April/May 2020

eBird Species Cartogram for the United States

The previous post presented a cartogram for global eBird data by county. Here, we do the same for the States (and Washington D.C.). It is worth noting what the starting conditions are; that is, what base map will be used to generate the cartogram. I am using the WGS84 geographic coordinate system/projection, shown here without any morphing: A… Continue reading eBird Species Cartogram for the United States