Why I Will Always Use Leupold Binoculars

During our recent Peru disaster I managed to lose an eyecup from my beloved, beat-up 8×42 B3-X Mojave bins from Leupold. When we got home I called them about getting a replacement part. They told me instead to just send the bins back to them, so I did.

New bins! B-4 Pro Guide HDs

Today I got a package from Beaverton, Oregon. They could have just put a new rubber eycup on my old bins and cleaned them up… instead they sent me a new pair, an upgrade from my previous set. Wow, I was not expecting this! (The old bins went for about $500. The new replacements go for about $720.)

If you are in the market for the very best “mid- to high-range” optics, check out Leupold. We bought our original pairs many years ago. Claire and I went to a local Cabela’s (the US outdoors, hunting, and fishing chain, where there are more binoculars on hand than in any other store in our area) and tried everything they had, including Swarovskis. While I could not say that the Leupolds were exactly comparable to the finest high-end bins, I also could not say that the tiny difference warranted the insane price differential: a difference large enough to fund a couple trips to Central America.

Question: would Swarovski replace your (>$2000) bins with something 40% pricier after you beat them up over the years?

3 responses to “Why I Will Always Use Leupold Binoculars”

  1. I like your story! Binocular manufacturers seem to be pretty good about making damaged products right. The rubber coating on my husband’s Swarovskis “exploded” in a hot car one day. He sent them back and they were completely refurbished at no charge. (As they should, as it seemed to be a manufacturing defect.) It did take a few weeks. Nikon replaced a pair of damaged Monarchs with a newer model free when he sent them back. The rubber coating on my Swarovskis has a dent in it that I am told they will repair at no charge, but I don’t want to part with them long enough to have it done…


  2. Sweet deal. I don’t think you will get that upgrade from the competition! Enjoy them.


  3. wow! that’s great customer service i would say….


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