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Stuck in Peru – Day 21

Every day I think it cannot get any weirder here, but it does.

Yesterday a new rule was handed down:

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra recently announced additional quarantine measures, including a gender-based limitation on visits to grocery stores and banks, and other routine business. Men will be allowed to leave their homes only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Women will be allowed to leave their homes only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No one will be allowed to conduct routine business on Sundays. These measures will take effect on Friday, April 3.

Here is one local reaction to this restriction:


So no more attempts to go bird the Malecon together. And with my eyesight issues and the holes in the sidewalks here, I don’t like walking around without Claire. I’m thankful at least we got in some time outside before this. It could have been enacted sooner. I am basically locked up now….

Unless I get a wig and a dress. Maybe in a CARE package from Eric Idle?


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  1. Yikes. Been following along each day hoping for some improvement. Really feel bad for you two. Hopefully you get some good news soon!

    1. Thanks guys…. Someone in DC from State Department actually called us this morning. We were floored. Maybe a sign of progress?

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