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Stuck in Peru – Day 22

Our forty or so friends from Germany left yesterday morning; their government swooped in to pick them up after a two-day stay at our hotel. Meanwhile, we begin day eleven here.

The WiFi bandwidth is better now but… the restaurant is out of beer. Das ist nicht gut.

I can at least upload some photos from downriver, but they are not very sexy.

Crowned Slaty-flycatcher
Black-billed Thrush
Blue-crowned Trogon

Only a few other guests remain at our hotel. This includes a sweet young couple from Chennai, India, that are here on their honeymoon. Poor kids! Zero help from their government so far.

And here are our accommodations!

Our world now, except for the restaurant and lobby downstairs

I had mentioned days ago a woman named Brittany, who had  been working ceaselessly to get us a flight out, but eventually was prevented from doing so. It is a really terrible situation for her, but her story is getting some national press now:


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