eBird Cartograms for US Counties

The previous post showed a simple cartogram of the US using the eBird species counts by state in order reshape the map. The relative sizes of the states in the cartogram are proportional to the species diversity. A more detailed version can be obtained by using the species counts at the county level. Data as… Continue reading eBird Cartograms for US Counties

eBird Species Cartogram for the United States

The previous post presented a cartogram for global eBird data by county. Here, we do the same for the States (and Washington D.C.). It is worth noting what the starting conditions are; that is, what base map will be used to generate the cartogram. I am using the WGS84 geographic coordinate system/projection, shown here without any morphing: A… Continue reading eBird Species Cartogram for the United States

Reshaping the World with eBird Data

Cartograms provide a pleasing way to present geographical data. The idea is to redraw a map so that the relative sizes of its units (e.g. countries, states, counties, etc.) correspond to some measured quantity. A common example is a cartogram of population by country, in which the relative sizes of China and India become exaggerated, while… Continue reading Reshaping the World with eBird Data